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Piment Lacaye is a production of Chris Products. 

Piment Lacaye Hot Pepper Pikliz is the best in  the market from 
the beginning 
and today

Chris Products Enterprises is created  by Chef Chris Ladouceur . This business started with a minivan named Chris Cuisine by her husband Robert. 
Chris adores to cook and loves feeding people. whether cooking to feed the whole church congregation or to satisfy a banquet event with her special touch, cooking to make a feast just to enjoy with the less fortunate homelessness: Her way to give back to the community! Or just cooking for fun. 

Best of all she loves to cook for the unfortunates'. orphanages in mission feels:In what she devoted her self twice a year going in different locations in Haiti or Dominican Republic. As a professional caterer she knows what is best for her customers. Piment  Lacaye is made with the finest ingredients  

Chris is a courageous business minded and hard working woman. She seems to be never get tired. she is gifted with a culinary creative mind. she take pleasure on feeding people. That makes it an easy task for her to use her talent in food productions and food products distribution.
 She uses a simple home made recipe and created a product that was never presented in the market before. Every one who tasted Piment Lacaye loved it, approved and labeled it... best of the best. PIMENT LACAYE is unique. PIMENT LACAYE PIKLIZ IS THE FIRST IN THE MARKET. IT IS THE ORIGINAL
Piment Lacaye is not just a pikliz!, people call it a "TASTE BOOSTER".
You can add Piment La caye on all of your favorite dish and you will taste the difference.   
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What People Say About Piment Lacaye 

Hi Chris,
I live in Minnesota for the last 23 years and recently had to revisit my hometown of Miami, Florida. My girlfriend who I hadn’t seen in 23 years had a jar of your hot pepper slaw in the refrigerator. I must say it’s the best I have ever had and ate 2 jars within a week of my visit. My girlfriend sent me two more jars in the mail last month and they are already gone. I love to eat it straight from the jar, but have been putting it in all kinds of stuff now. Chopped and added to tuna salad is awesome. I am very interested in getting a case or half of a case delivered to my home. This would require refrigerated containers I am thinking. What would your cost be to ship me 6 jars every 6 months or so. I can’t find it anywhere in the stores here. I would even love to introduce it to some local markets if possible. I need more for my own consumption as soon as possible. I’m addicted. 

Deborah Nix


I LOVE your piment !!!!
A friend brought me a bottle from vacation in Florida.
I live in Canada and I wonder where I can find it.

You *really* have something good !


enjoy your product and am looking for it in this area. thank you

16 oz Piment Lacaye pikliz is on sale @ 3 for 12.00

Go to my store to


a HOT and  zesty gift  to some one special